Soil Sampling & Testing

Pure Soil Technologies is one of the only recycling companies that has its own material testing lab. With well over several hundred thousand dollars in testing equipment and consistent steady reinvestment in this area, we have earned our spot as the leader in this area. Located at our facility in Jackson New Jersey our lab is managed and staffed by the best material testing personnel in the business.

Our in-house lab can provide you with certified analysis on any material you get from our facility. We also use this lab as a protective measure for ourselves to ensure that only materials that conform to our permit conditions are accepted at the facility. Some of the material testing services we are equipped to provide are:

  • Material gradation
  • Proctor testing
  • Organics testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • Density testing

In conjunction with our lab we work closely with several leading independent certified labs. Together we have developed a custom test profile for use in getting materials into our petroleum contaminated soil recycling facility.

In the recycling business we understand that the credibility and quality of information on the products we are handling is of the highest priority. We also understand the process of obtaining and at times understanding material analysis is not easy. Our personnel are experts at taking, analyzing, and understanding this test data. It is our business, we have to be. Let a Pure Soil representative assist you in material testing process on your next project.

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