General Overview

Pure Soil is committed to being a true full-service recycling company. From start to finish, we can help you manage your recycling project and materials in a manner that will save money, by increasing project efficiency through organization and innovation.

Since our start in the recycling business in 1991, we have always believed in working closely and cooperatively with our customers, so that they could perform profitably and win future projects. In this spirit, we feel we can use our knowledge of the industry to offer innovative ways to manage these materials.  Our diverse set of capabilities provides our customers with the ability to take a project from start to completion with just one call.

Why Choose Pure Soil

As we strive to continually deal with the waste problems of a modern society, we do so with the understanding that our business is truly about improving quality of life. The services we offer accomplish this in several ways:

  • First, we take products that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills, taking up valuable limited space and turn those products into environmentally safe valuable end market materials.
  • Second, we limit the demand on virgin materials such as, stone and sand, that would otherwise be used in there place.
  • Third, the process of recycling and reusing saves money. Lower construction costs equate to savings that are ultimately passed onto the consumer.

It is thru this commitment to protecting the environment and improving the quality of life that Pure Soil was founded and has grown.  It is a core component of corporate values and will continue to be the foundation for our future.

Our Services

Crushing & Screening

Pure Soil has been one of New Jersey’s leading recyclers of concrete, asphalt, brick, rock, and block, since 1996. To date we have recycled…

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Soil Remediation

In mature areas like New York and New Jersey it is common to have sites that have petroleum based contamination from such things as…

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Soil Sampling & Testing

Pure Soil Technologies is one of the only recycling companies that has its own material testing lab. With well over several hundred…

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At Pure Soil, we understand that the costs to transport recyclable materials are significant. The rising costs of fuel and steel ensure this…

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Recycled Crushed Aggregate (RCA)

Hand in hand with our ability to accept and process concrete, asphalt, brick, rock, and block, Pure Soil can recycle these materials and…

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How we approach each client’s needs

Working with our clients and project owners, Pure Soil evaluates what the particular requirements are for a given project and tries to develop the best solution for getting it done.

  • Assess the desired goals of our client and the project owners
  • Identify the appropriate waste material sampling plan
  • Interpret the laboratory analytic data
  • Develop an affordable and environmentally responsible material management plan
  • Implement the plan

Through this we try to develop a win, win, win strategy for all. We feel in doing so we will build customer loyalty that will surely give us an opportunity for future business.

Having been in the business since 1991, we know that many of the projects we participate in have very similar requirements. We have developed our products and services to fulfill these requirements and we continue to grow and add as the need requires.